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All human beings have a subjective idea of what the labor and child birth pain is. This proposal aimed at integral health care establishing levels for referral and counter-referral 4. O cuidado em enfermagem materna.

Normas de pesquisa envolvendo seres humanos – Res. Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia. Anxiety is part of human existence and it is directly connected with the idea of future.

Thus, when they see women in labor, students always refer to the painful process that makes women suffer as we can see by the following statements. Meet Blues hero Reid The millenary practice of supporting women during pregnancy, labor and their newborns until the end of the 18th century was performed basically by women, with the exception of some indigenous communities where husbands also helped 1.

Therefore, students’ previous experiences were essential to consider labor significant or not to for their teaching-learning process.

For the present study, the premises from Symbolic Interactionism were adjusted according to the study objective. The meaning of the labor process was to witness the physical and emotional suffering of women in labor. Inthe Program for Total Women Health Care encompassed women’s health in the pregnancy and postpartum period, high risk pregnancy prevention and also offered greater safety in hospital birth.

Twenty nursing students with ages ranging from 21 to 26 years old took part in the study, 18 were females.


Pepe Prado | (Benemérita) Universidad Autónoma de Puebla –

I believe many women, even ourselves, we have too many fantasies, we are apprehensive about labor. This emotional suffering may be triggered by the level of anxiety both for women that are experiencing labor and for nursing students experiencing the event. Qualitative research, based on the perspective of Symbolic Interactionism, was chosen to understand the meaning of labor and birth for nursing students; this was done because we believed it is a guiding axis to understand the meaning of the study object.

I understand that it is a normal, physiological process and that it will happen if there are one thousand people or not. When they were near women in labor, nursing students act according to the meaning labor has to them and this meaning is made from the interactions each student has with their world thorough their lives, that is, what they have heard from their mothers, relatives, and the media, among others.

El Interaccionismo Simbólico Autor Herbert, Blumer by Felipe Aguilera on Prezi

It is very painful, very distressful for patients; they cry a lot, sweat, get restless and cannot relax SUZY. Pain occurs due to activation of the nervous system, caused by fear that produces excessive tension and painful sensations in the uterus.

Also because they want to see the baby’s face, to see who blumfr looks like. Although pain is a sensory phenomenon, fear and anxiety can worsen its intensity since it is a form of expression that is highly individual and emotional, varying according to the experience and history of laboring women.

George Herbert Mead

Pain is a complex experience with sensitive, emotional, and cognitive behaviors that interact among themselves and in the sociocultural environment The origin of Symbolic Interactionism is derived from Pragmatism, it started in the United States and England in the end of the 19th century. Labor dimbolico a natural and physiologic process although it is frequently associated with a time of deep concern for those experiencing it, and simnolico those around them, as it is considered a difficult and painful time.


Data analysis Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, according to lnteraccionismo analysis. When they see and support child birth, it takes up interacxionismo new meaning for students, since when they reflect and check and regroup according to the situation, they gear their decision making as how to act with women in labor.

A difficult and painful time that will make women cry, feel pain, and we may have different reactions NICE. In the 60’s in Brazil retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal government, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and simbolio hospital network 3. METHODS Qualitative research, based on the perspective of Symbolic Interactionism, was chosen to understand the meaning of labor and birth for nursing students; bllumer was done because we believed it is a guiding axis to understand the meaning of the study object.

Thus, we have considered that: Therefore, nursing students need to understand the clinical study of labor to be closer to this moment that is as important blume child birth itself. Labor causes a lot of anxiety, especially when it is the first child, because you know Students start to recognize physical suffering related to it because of dilation which is considered as a natural process, however, students fear complications that can occur during labor.

Almost all women get scared, it was a very beautiful experience, I was very anxious ANE.