Chûshingura Poster. After their lord is tricked into committing ritual suicide, forty- seven samurai warriors await the chance to avenge their master and reclaim. Chûshingura () Kazuo Hasegawa in Chûshingura () Chûshingura ( ) Shintarô Katsu in Chûshingura () Raizô Ichikawa in Chûshingura. 7 Feb Every culture has its beloved stories, and a favorite among the Japanese is ” Chushingura,” a tale of revenge based on actual events that took.

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The story of the revenge spread quickly, and everyone on their path praised them and offered them refreshment. Another has it that he was merely scared after the raid and fled.


As the conference ends, Moronao, who has been tutoring En’ya’s wife in classical waka poetry, presses upon her a love letter. Tales of Old Japan, pp. The film’s release date is questioned, but chushingur between and The dance depicts the lovers Okaru and Kanpei journeying to the home of Okaru’s parents in the country after Hangan’s death. Isaac Titsingh and Japan, —p. Hana no Maki, Yuki no Maki.

He then hits Hangan in the chest with his fan, a gross insult. Tonase encourages her daughter, telling her of the happiness to come once she is wed.

Thus, making their enemies believe that revenge cjushingura not come. Because of the censorship laws of the shogunate in the Genroku erawhich forbade portrayal of current events, the names were changed. The scene ends with interplay between the surviving retainers about what to do now that they are homeless and masterless. The assailants who died by seppuku were subsequently interred on the grounds chushinggura Sengaku-ji, [2] in front of the tomb of their master.


Their ultimate sacrifice for their master is something that is held in high regard in Confucianism because they are fulfilling their responsibility to the fullest extent. The action is rare and very spaced out. Kanpei, long after the expulsion, has become a hunter. Most samurai films deal with honour and bushido, but this really takes it to a new level. Kanpei realizes it is to finance the vendetta and asks to contribute, although he has no ready cash and is dependent on Okaru’s parents.

Later, when he believes himself to be alone, Yuranosuke soberly takes out a secret message from Hangan’s widow, Kaoyo, and starts to read it. Traditional stories Edo period Japanese folklore Revenge in fiction. However, no matter how much they entreated him, Kira crouched, speechless and trembling. She rejects it entirely, and Moronao is embittered with hatred for En’ya.

Yuranosuke is forced to accept. In some English-speaking countries, Chushingura has been released in a shorter version titled The Loyal 47 Ronin.

This sweeping historical epic has sometimes been labelled the Gone with the Wind of Japan; at any rate, it’s almost the same length as Gone the film was originally released in two parts.


Chushingura () – IMDb

While the pimp argues with them and describes his transaction with the old man, Kanpei arrives with the tell-tale wallet. After an interlude in which a minor retainer of En’ya, Kanpei, gives into temptation to leave his post with his lover, Wakasanosuke arrives. Fresh Off the Boat.

The preparations for the ceremony are elaborate and formal. The play became very popular and was depicted in many ukiyo-e prints.

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Chushingura Chushingura

One book on subjects depicted in woodblock prints devotes no fewer than seven chapters to the history of cyushingura appearance of this theme in woodblocks. He holds the bloody dagger with which his lord killed himself and licks it as an oath to carry out his lord’s dying wish.

Two other strikes against Lord Kira are his lust and his fear of death neither of which I chushingua a problem with. Mitford’s Tales of Old Japan London, His reasons are not known, but many purport that an insult may have provoked him.