Gloria’s famous “If Men Could Menstruate” essay resonated with me deeply in the weeks following the menstrual marathon I had run. The truth is that, if men could menstruate, the power justifications Gloria Steinem travels widely as a feminist activist, organizer, writer and. Journalist Gloria Steinem said if ‘men could menstruate and women could not’ ‘ menstruation would become an enviable, worthy, masculine.

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Have you ever been in a public place and started your period? The whole precinct hits the same cycle. Male human beings have built whole cultures around the idea that penis envy is “natural” to women – though having such an unprotected organ might be said to make men vulnerable, and the power to give birth makes womb envy at least as logical. She was the founding president of the Ms. Male radicals, left-wing politicians, mystics, however, would insist that women are equal, just different, and that any woman could enter their ranks if she were willing to self-inflict a major wound every month “you MUST give blood for the revolution”recognize the preeminence of menstrual issues, or subordinate her selfness to all men in their Cycle of Enlightenment.

Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Young boys would talk about it as the envied beginning of manhood.

What if men had periods? It’s a question still worth posing | Rose George | Opinion | The Guardian

Check out The Literal Latte Anthology — great selections from our first 15 years! Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. Doctors would research little about heart attacks, from which men would be hormonally protected, but everything about cramps. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Posted November at In philosophy and religion, how could women compensate for being disconnected from the rhythm of the universe?

Newman and Redford in Blood Brothers! We are treated differently because it is not appropriate for us to freely discuss our periods, but it would be encouraged for a man to do so.

They have been timed, too, to appear just before Menstrual Hygiene Daywhich is today. Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. She has been published in many magazines and newspapers here and in other countries, and is also a frequent guest commentator on radio and television.


Statistical surveys would show that men did better in sports and won more Olympic medals during their periods. And what is a manpon? Clearly, menstruation would become an enviable, worthy, masculine event: In this piece, Gloria Steinem writes about what it would be like if men menstruated rather than women and how it would be looked at differently.

Parenting magazine selected her sheinem its Lifetime Achievement Award in for her ken in promoting girls’ self-esteem, and Biography magazine listed her as one of the 25 most influential women in America.

If Men Could Menstruate

Amy Richards, of Ms. Binti International – what is a period?

Steinem talks about how if men menstruated, sanitary supplies like pads, tampons, and medicine would be free or federally funded. Original Places where water is scarce and getting scarcer. To prevent monthly work loss among the powerful, Congress would fund a National Institute of Dysmenorrhea.

In the rarefied fields of philosophy and religion, could women compensate for missing the rhythm of the universe? Steinem states that if men menstruated rather than women, that it would be seen as a manly process, not something nasty or unnatural. What if we looked at women menstruating in the way Steinem says it would be looked at if men did it? Menstruation, instead of being embraced and accommodated for, receives a lack of understanding, facilities and generates emotional distress.

Although shock and feelings of trauma exist globally but in different ways for different reasons, we are all together with sharing this feeling. My period can be annoying, painful and inconvenient. All feminists would explain endlessly that men, too, needed to be liberated from the false idea of Martian aggressiveness, just as women needed to escape the bonds of menses envy.

Here is a video by the charity Binti, so you can see the stories of girls and women affected by menstruation worldwide:. TV shows would treat the subject openly. Post a Comment Cancel reply Your email is never published nor shared.


If Men Could Menstruate | Intro to Women’s Studies (WMST )

But the films are still powerful, not least because they make me think about things nearer to home, where I do have a toilet, mensstruate always have had, and have always been able to buy sanitary pads or tampons — though they are, ridiculously, taxedwhile disposable razors are not. Without the biological gift for measuring the cycles of the moon and planets, how could a woman master any discipline that demanded a sense cojld time, space, mathematics— or the ability to measure anything at all?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. But listening recently to a woman describe the unexpected arrival of her menstrual period a red stain had spread on her dress as she argued heatedly on the public stage still made me cringe with embarrassment. Menopause would be celebrated as a positive event, the symbol that men had accumulated enough years of cyclical wisdom to need no more.

Gifts, religious ceremonies, family dinners, and stag parties would mark the day. Author, activist and feminist Gloria Steinem wrote in a hilarious essay about a world in which certain roles were reversed: To prevent monthly work loss among the powerful, Congress would fund a National Institute of Fould. Articles and images steinrm property of their respective contributors.

About Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem travels widely as a feminist activist, organizer, writer and lecturer. Men would brag about how long and how much. I leave further improvisation up to you. So laugh at Menstrual Hygiene Day if you want to.

In a study from Nepal, 41 per cent of girls reported missing school during their menstruation. I know it, of course, because I’m a manand men know everything – wait, I didn’t steine, that! Liberal males in every field would try to be kind.

You must have met only shitty men in your life. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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