There were, of course, several other outstanding mathematicians such as Aryabhata II, Bhaskara I, Sridharacharya, Prithudakswami who. Bhaskara’s LILAVATI. Of the many scholars Bhaskaracharya or Bhaskara II ( C.E.) stands out as a teacher and poet. According to the. Lilavati. This story, like many other stories, may not be able to tell us Lilavati. Bhaskara was one of the best mathematicians on the face of.

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According to her horoscope, she would remain unmarried and childless unless her wedding took place at a precise time on a particular, auspicious day.

Retrieved September 1, Notify me of new posts via email. He lilavzti the first person lilaati realize this. He was shocked when he found out that Lilavati would not have a happy married life if she did not get married at a particular auspicious time.

Bhaskara was apprehensive about his daughter’s inquisitiveness and curiosity. In the Goladhyaya, Bhaskara looked bhxskara the sphere. Lilavati includes a number of methods of computing numbers such as multiplications, squares, and progressions, with examples using kings and elephants, objects which a common man could understand. The questions in Leelavati are lilavatl for their variety, lioavati problems and the challenge they offer to students.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to the story, Bhaskara made a horoscope of his daughter and found that her husband would die shortly after the couple were married. The main contents are: This year marks the th birth anniversary of Bhaskaracharya. Retrieved from ” https: The lover king of the elephants was leading three female elephants; [then], how many elephants were there in the flock?

Divide the product of the denominators minus the numerators by the product of the denominators; and by the quotient obtained, divide the product of the known quantity multiplied by the assumed. One eight and one ninth of one eighth were sporting in a pond full of lotuses The lover king of the elephants was leading three female elephants; how many elephants were there in the flock?


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This story, like many other stories, may not be able to tell us what really happened. There lilavaati several other Kerala mathematicians of note in the post-medieval period.

The Leelavati consists of verses of rules bhzskara examples. A little pearl from her nose ring fell into the water. He also goes by the name of Bhaskara or Bhaskaracharya, which means Bhaskara the Teacher.

The beauty of Lilavati is that Bhaskara has been able to distil mathematics into a poetry form with slokas or verses. He had profound knowledge in the field of mathematics and astrology. Bhaskara found it very difficult to see these changes in his beautiful daughter.

To avoid this fate, he ascertained an auspicious moment for his daughter’s wedding and to alert his daughter at the correct time, he placed a cup with a small hole at the bottom of a vessel filled with water, arranged so that the cup would sink at the beginning of the propitious hour. Posted by Hesaraghatta at 8: Bhaskara also looked at negative numbers and surds in this book. The little pearl that fell into the water upset the calculations made by Bhaskara and the wedding hhaskara place, but not at the auspicious hour.

Translated by T N Colebrook. In the process, Bhaskara perused Lilavati’s horoscope. An armillary sphere is a model showing the lilvati. His father was a famous astrologer and mathematician by the name ,ilavati Mahesvara. Tarot Predictions for December December 1, Lilavati, the brilliant girl that she was, solved all the problems posed to her.

He teaches his pupil to be mindful of her surroundings by formulating relevant contextual word problems in arithmetic, algebra and geometry — a clear expert in pedagogy. The square [of the height] of the pillar is divided by the distance of the snake from his hole; the quotient is to be subtracted from that distance. Basic lialvati of arithmetic including finding square roots and cube roots, fractions, and the effect of cipher The rule of three, rule of five and so bhaksara Bartering, buying and selling Permutations and combinations Progressions and series Geometrical operations Solutions to indeterminate equations The questions in Leelavati are known for their variety, story-like problems and the challenge they offer to students.


Lilavati’s mind which was busy in solving the mathematical problems posed by her father, never again got depressed. Bhaskara calculated that it would take When Bhaskara was not around, Lilavati, could not hold her curiosity and went to see what her father bhxskara devised.

She seemed disinterested in the normal day to day activities. A Persian translation of the Lilavati was commissioned in by Emperor Akbar and it was executed by Faizi. Views Read Edit View history. Bhaskara also looked at ways to expand upon some of the work done by Brahmagupta. He placed the cup in the water so that it would sink at the exact time Lilavati was supposed to get married. Joy and happiness is indeed ever increasing in this world for those who have Lilavati clasped to their throats, decorated as the members are with neat reduction of fractionsmultiplication and involutionpure and perfect as are the solutions, and tasteful as is the speech which is exemplified.

Forgotten Tales: Lilavati

One of his discoveries in this book was spherical trigonometry. Thus, Lilavati became one of the first eminent women mathematicians in India. In addition to indeterminate equations, the book looks at quadratic, and simple equations as well as methods for evaluating surds. He thought of a way to get her out of her depressed state. While she was looking at the device, a pearl from her dress fell into the cup and blocked the hole.

Bhaskaracharya and his Leelavati

Excerpt from Lilavati Appears as an additional problem attached to stanza 54, Chapter 3. Bhaskara also used the law of gravity lilzvati was proposed by Brahmagupta. Leelavati was written inbefore the days of printing, when the material and equipment required for making permanent written records were not abundant.

Syzygy is the alignment of three celestial bodies into an almost straight line.