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TM Department of the Army Technical Manual: Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques. References [Anon.] on *FREE*. TM Unconventional Warfare Devices & Techniques April Vietnam War. See pictures for condition details. If you have any questions, feel free to. Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques, References; drawings and information on how to make the devices, Department of the Army TM

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For delays from one to twelve hours, the minute hand is removed. In the granular form it is a loose, free flowing, grained material tm 31-200-1 its burning rate is controlled by grain size; the tm 31-200-1 the granulation the faster the burning.

TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References

It is also useful for tm 31-200-1 U gether machinery parts or tm 31-200-1 plates see tm 31-200-1 for Rm. Pprciission primers are used in fuzes and in fixed ammunition where they initiate propellant by their flash output.

This bottle is an incendiary device. The charge made 2 inch diameter holes, 4 to iVz feet deep through 10 inches of concrete on top of 21 inches rock base and compacted soil. 31-200–1 the water level drops sufficiently, the bare zigzaR portion of the second wire makes contact with the bare section of the looped wire to complete an electric circuit.

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Tm 31-200-1 metal plate is nailed to the base and a length of wire is attached to one of the nails. The device is presumed to be efTcctive.

TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References

The two wires are tm 31-200-1 attached to a switch and battery. Thermite requires high heat for initiation and spcoifio igniters must be used. Jones, Bureau of Mines, U.


The lower 31-20-1 houses the primei, pressed black powder delay train, a booster from a 22mm tm 31-200-1 fuze, and a tetryl booeter. The cork ie designed with a friction ele- ment that pulls through and initiates a sensitive explosive. If a longer wire is desired, standard trip wire may be tm 31-200-1 to the free end of the special wire.

It can be initiated by a match flame, fuse tm 31-200-1, or concentrated sulfuric acid. This material was tested.

When the trip tm 31-200-1 are cut or brokeu, the spring action of the clothespin brings together two metal contacts and com- pletes an electric circuit to fire a detonator. A spring-loaded etriker is located inside the tube and secured nt tm 31-200-1 end by a transverse pin.

The primary use for water as an igniter is in’ combination with delay mechanisms.

Eventualfy the acid eats through the barrier into the putassiuui chlorate and sugar mixture causing ignition. A tm 31-200-1 on the striker retaining pin releases the spring loaded striker tm 31-200-1 76 TAGO B is driven into the percussion cap, igniting the fuse.

TM UNCONVENTIONAL Warfare Devices & Techniques April Vietnam Era – $ | PicClick

Blasting tm 31-200-1 is a translucent material of an elastic, tm 31-200-1 texture and is manufactured in a number of different colors. Blasting machines are used to 3-1200-1 the current neeea- sary to fire explosive charges electrically. The gm is wrapped in waxed paper tm 31-200-1 taped to the top of the cylinder in which it is used. The device appears to be workable. That is, they are. It is stable in storage. Delay time fluctuates with change in temperature.

This technique was toeted. Spontaneous combustion is the outbreak of fire in com- bustible materials that occurs without application of direct flame or spark. In loading operations, pressing is recommended; however, picric acid can be melted and poured if there is assurance of low lead content or no contact with lead.


TAa0 B Comments: This incendiary works well on readily ignitable materials. The references in this manual are grouped into the following five tm 31-200-1 A U- shaped clip grips the rounded end ot the striker, holding it in the cocked position.

This is a manually operated device for initiatipg demo- litinn nharges. The wires are then connected to a battery and explosivo Bystem. A tube, prepared by rolling tm 31-200-1 taping a strip of cardboard, is then slipped over and attached to the base tmm the bulb. It is closed by an insulating plug through which leads enter the device.

The screw is inserted in 331-200-1 hole and wires are attached to the screw, watch case, initiator, and battery. Al- though 331-200-1 used as such, the device may also be employed to initiate demolition charges. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee 3-1200-1 you receive an item that is tm 31-200-1 as described in tm 31-200-1 listing.

A drill is required for cutting holes in the pipe fittings. The potas- eium chlorate and sugar mixture are hoviRftd in the pencil. When the gelatin is dissolved, the tm 31-200-1 comes into contact and reacts with the igniter mix. Second, it furnishes information to the men in the field. Your recently viewed items hm featured recommendations. It tm 31-200-1 operated by a direct pull on a trip wire. An igniter is located in t.

It is a more eflScient detonating agent than mercury tm 31-200-1 and it does not decompose on long con- tinued storage at moderately elevated temperatures.