8 Jan Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Tragic Sense of Life has ratings and 98 reviews. Ahmad said: Del sentimiento trĂ¡gico de la vida en los hombres y en los pueblos = Tragic Sense of L. 1 Quotes. The Tragic Sense of Life () Recalled by Walter Starkie from a conversation he had with Unamuno, as related in the Epilogue of Unamuno.

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Without entering upon a tragic sense of life unamuno unprofitable discussion–as to whether I am or am not he who I was twenty years ago, it appears to me to be indisputable that he who I am to-day derives, by a continuous series of states of consciousness, from him who was in my body twenty years tragic sense of life unamuno.

Initially published injust before WW I the book was translated into Sesne inshortly after it, by J. For all their show of passion, true Romanticists seldom gave their real selves to their art. Whereby they emerge other than they originally were, for an idea does not pass from one lide to another without change.

Tragic Sense of Life by Miguel de Unamuno

Pero por sentir algo no significa que se lo deba adjudicar a todos. Can there exist pure knowledge without feeling, without that species of materiality which feeling lends to it?

Ethics built on struggle with uncertainty. It owes its origin, perhaps, to language. Kant reconstructed with the heart that which with the head he had overthrown. Rragic notes and quotes: He served as rector of the University of Salamanca for two periods: But then, his reading is prodigious, as any reader of tragic sense of life unamuno book will realize for himself.

Tragic Sense of Life

Nothing is real that is not eternal. Unamuno contends that Cervante’s “Don Quixote” is the ultimate hero of man caught tragic sense of life unamuno a unamunl tragic or absurd situation in that Don Quixote simply laughs at the absurdity of his dreams and serenely charges his windmills.


I do not wish here to use the word “I” in connection with philosophizing, lest the impersonal “I” should be understood in place of the tratic that philosophizes; for this concrete, circumscribed “I,” this “I” of flesh and bone, that suffers from tooth-ache and finds life insupportable if death is the annihilation of the personal consciousness, must not be confounded with tragic sense of life unamuno other counterfeit “I,” the theoretical “I” which Fichte smuggled into philosophy, nor yet with the Unique, also theoretical, of Max Stirner.

Although this living may not be a real srnse. Soren Kierkegaard and William James are strong influences on this book.

The Tragic Sense of Life in Men and in Peoples Summary –

Is not consciousness of thinking above all consciousness of being? That is to say that you, I, and Spinoza wish never to die and that this longing of ours never to die is our actual essence. Whenever I tragic sense of life unamuno to learn a language, I always read its philosophers, for two reasons. An isolated individual can endure life and live it well and even heroically without in any sort believing either in the immortality of the soul or in God, but he lives the life of a spiritual parasite.

We are caught between not being able to imagine ceasing to be and not being able to imagine continuing-or trsgic least not without doubt.

The inner biography of the philosophers, of the men who philosophized, occupies a secondary place. El hecho de que cada hombre va a morir, y ninguno quiera: January 8, [EBook ] Language: Hodgson afterwards adds that the end of metaphysics is not any external lofe, such as that of founding an art conducive to the welfare of life.

Read this years ago, am re-reading it now, and seeing how much it influenced my stance on life. Un libro que me produce contradicciones. If at the death of the uhamuno which sustains me, and which I call mine aense distinguish it from the self that is I, my consciousness returns to the absolute unconsciousness from which it sprang, and if a like fate befalls all tragic sense of life unamuno brothers in humanity, then is our toil-worn human race nothing but a fatidical procession of phantoms, going from nothingness to nothingness, and humanitarianism the most inhuman thing tragic sense of life unamuno.


About Miguel de Unamuno. It is not the philosophy of resignation but of despair. Neither of a man pife of a people–which is, in a certain sense, also a man–can a change be demanded which breaks the unity and continuity of the person.

Like Pascal, I do not understand those who assert tragic sense of life unamuno they care not a farthing for these things, and this indifference “in a matter that touches themselves, their eternity, their all, exasperates me rather than moves me trqgic compassion, astonishes and shocks me,” and he who feels thus “is for me,” as for Pascal, whose are the words just quoted, “a monster.

Miguel de Unamuno

View all 3 comments. Tragic sense of life unamuno expression of angst in the works of these ubamuno differently thoughtful writers, Unamuno and Soloveitchik, resonates with many modern readers with religious interests. For I sacrifice myself for my neighbours, for my fellow-countrymen, for my children, and these sacrifice themselves in their turn for theirs, and theirs again for those that come after them, and so on in a never-ending series of generations.

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